About Our Pilot Program

Principals in SVUSD identified one grade level in elementary, middle, and high schools that would go 1:1 as part of the Common Core initiative. The result and specifics are below:

  • 4th Grade: Class sets for each 4th grade classroom.
  • 7th Grade: One device per student for a take-home program.
  • 10th Grade: One device per student for a take-home program.

After careful consideration of SVUSD chose the Chromebook (Acer C720) as the preferred 1:1 device. The Chromebook was chosen due to many variables including the physical keyboard component, integration with Google Apps for Education, SBAC compatibility, multi-user experience, and the overall durability of the device.

Implementation Strategy for Door to the Core


With over 189 teachers to train in the Door to the Core program, SVUSD spaced out the training over six months between March of 2014 through November of 2014. Elementary teachers were grouped in one of three cohorts and secondary teachers were trained by site at each site.

  • Elementary: All 4th grade teachers, site technology coordinators, and district Literacy Coaches.
  • Middle: All 7th grade teachers in all subject areas and site technology coordinators.
  • High: All 10th grade English and history teachers and all site technology coordinators.


Each group of teachers received three full pull-out days for training.

  • Day 1: Introduction to Chromebooks and the Chrome Operating System. Introduction and continuing education with Google Apps for Education including Drive, Docs, Presentations, and Forms. Overview and refresh with the district’s LMS system, Haiku.
  • Day 2: Grade level-relevant guest speaker who demonstrates and models how to integrate Google Apps into actual lesson plans.
  • Day 3: Introduction to Google+ to be used as a support community and to integrate virtual field trips using the G+ Community, Connected Classrooms. Introduction to screencasting using TechSmith’s Snagit.
  • Note: Whenever possible, we modeled inquiry-based lesson design. We also tried to give teachers as much individual and group exploration time as would fit into the day.

Ideally, teachers should receive their student devices between Day 2 and Day 3 of training. This allows teachers to be trained in the basics for two days and then gives them about one month to integrate the devices before Day 3 of training when they can come back to reflect. Due to many unforeseen setbacks, some groups of teachers in the spring 2014 groups didn’t receive them until after their Day 3 in May of 2014.


THHS Med-Sci Program

Med-Sci is a three year program designed for entrance into colleges and universities or immediate job placement in the medical field. Med-Sci provides students with exposure to a variety of career opportunities in the medical and health fields through the development of cross-curricular lessons that include projects involving technology, communication skills and problems solving activities. Click here for more information.


Los Alisos Two Way Immersion Project

150 students are participating in the pilot at Los Alisos Intermediate School. Chromebooks have been checked out and teachers and students are integrating digital workflows into their curriculum. Click Here for more details.


San Joaquin 3rd-6th Grade 1:1 Pilot

The Chromebook pilot at San Joaquin currently covers grades 4-6 and will be adding in grade 3 in February 2014. Click here for more information.

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